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Art Classes
Art Classes - A Classical ApproachModel Life Drawings - Still Life - Portraits - Portfolio Development.  Private and small group classes.  Children and adults - Daytime and Evenings Cavelle

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"Cavelle thrives on change and invites others to leverage and explore the change in their lives by encouraging openness to intuition, creativity and self-awareness. Her style is passionate, empowering and celebratory." Catalin Ivan - International Educator

"Cavelle struck me as the kind of individual who encouraged others to shun mediocrity and to strive for excellence. Her own personal standards mirrored what she expected of others.” Rev. Fr. Hugh W. Chapman, Parish of St. John-The-Baptist and St. Martin - Abaco Island, The Bahamas

"We are impressed with the flexibility of Cavelle in the use of many varied forms to achieve the goals of the program. The inclusion of varied art forms provides an opportunity for all children to experience success.” Barbara Wells, Vice Principal Educational Services, Frontenac Board of Education - Kingston, Canada

"Cavelle's’s approach of combining her art and relaxation techniques with her respect for the individuality of the students worked very well together towards helping the students to discover the beauty and strength of who they are. Her honesty and enthusiasm for life are infectious.” Mr. Scholes guides a major Alternative programme at his school; we traveled with students to the James Bay Project in Northern Quebec and were fortunate enough to be guests of the Canadian Cree - First Nations. Bryan Scholes, M.Sc., P.Eng Teacher, Experience Canada, KCVI - Kingston, Canada

"The participants practiced relaxation techniques daily combined with art-making, poetry and music interpretation, journal writing and discussion, as well as participation by different visiting artists. This approach definitely enriched the student’s daily class time and this is clearly seen and heard in the video that Ms. Macdonell produced. The feedback from both students and parents was very positive, in fact, due to this success others students are requesting to be included next time.” Jim Reynolds, Principal, Rideau Heights Public School - Kingston, Canada

"What impressed me was her passion for personal challenge and an eagerness to take risks and go beyond what was required from the program. Cavelle was my teaching assistant that summer, for 4 weeks, in an art program attended by educators from various parts of the Maritimes. She worked one-on-one with participants and incorporated new ideas for creative exploration.” Pat Morris, BEd, MFA Prof. Visual Arts - Mount Allison University, New Brunswick, Canada


"When I started Art lessons here I was doing very safe drawings like Anime cartoons and not taking chances, etc . . . after private lessons I've learned to take chances and be confident in my abilities as a student artist. My overall techniques have improved and I love Art-making more than I used to because I'm not afraid to mess up." Evie - Grade 9 Student

"When I first came to drawing lessons with Cavelle in October, I was intimidated by the blank page; I didn't know where or how to start. Over the last months I have lost my fear of starting a drawing and feel much more free to experiment with different materials and new techniques. If something doesn't work - "Oh well, I'll just turn the page and start again". The paper or mat-board doesn't matter - it's what you do with it that counts !!!" Cathy - Researcher at Queen's University

"Cavelle, I wanted to thank you for all that you did for me, I think you really did begin to crack me from the conventions that I was so stuck inside. I could tell that you were invested in me and this goal and that really meant a lot. The portfolio application is handed in and I feel as good as I could about it." Kylie - applying to NASCAD

"Hi Cavelle, Many aspects of my daily life are about making concessions and compromises for work and family which of necessity focuses my attention outwards to other people and situations. What amazes me the most about art classes with Cavelle is how quickly the action of creating sends me directly into an entranced, meditative state of mind. As soon as I begin a drawing, my awareness heightens and I am more fully present in the moment. Drawing is a little bit of time that I can set aside just for me. I can’t thank Cavelle enough for helping me to have the courage to believe that I can make art because I never would have tried this on my own. Cavelle’s support and inspiration has kept me going as I worked through the first few awkward, frustrating attempts to draw. Now I feel free to experiment with different materials, and more willing to risk starting a drawing that may or may not work out. Mistakes are OK (and you should even want to make them!), because you can learn so much from the things that went wrong." Cathy - Research Queen's University

"Cavelle, my daughter is really enjoying your art lessons. Tonight she did some drawing. :) I'm happy that she is choosing more often to spend her free time drawing." Jenny - Elementary School Teacher

"I'm gaining confidence, I'm now looser when I'm drawing." Francine - Banker

"Always a pleasure to relax. I went home smiling and my friends did too. Keep on doing what you do. The extra insight into Artists and Poetry is great. As for me my knowledge of art is minimal and I am happy to explore the next six weeks learning and absorbing your teachings. Have a super weekend." Irenia - Federal Govt.

"A more relaxed approach to drawing and got to explore more types of drawing materials" Jodi - Artist

"In Cavelle's classes I gained self confidence in myself and received a guided exploration in drawing basics and experienced a non-judgmental approach." Clive - Accountant retired

"Before I came to Cavelle's art class I only copied Manga cartoons and today I'm drawing portraits "like a boss" (well sorta...). Cavelle taught me a lot from basic light/medium/dark shading to believing in myself when I draw." Chantal - Grade 7 Student

"In Cavelle's art classes I attempt to break away from previous practices of drawing. Be Free" Dan - Professor retired

"Hey Ms. Mac I haven't touched anything art related in a while (literally years) and today I found markers and couldn't figure out if I should sell them or give them away - SO I ended up looking at some artwork done in markers on youtube (amazing) - all this stuff just made me think of my art classes with you on Abaco Island in the Bahamas; it was so welcoming and so peaceful - not sure if i ever told you this but Art was my getaway from all my worries - your approach to art was so non-judgmental that it allowed me to experiment until i had confidence in my pieces and ability. You really allowed me to explore with different media and techniques - you never ever told me that i was doing something wrong, you accepted every piece as unique. Glad that i took art! I miss that serenity. I miss being in that zone and I miss that feeling of accomplishment when a piece was done. It was the one thing and feeling that was mine and no one could take away from me. I know it's in me somewhere, I'm just struggling to get it back...actually I'm afraid I won't get it back (it's been at least 7 yrs!!!!) I can't believe how deep I just got - lol - but honestly every word is all I'm saying is THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR BEING SUCH AN AWESOME TEACHER AND FRIEND, YOU DEFINITELY IMPACTED MY LIFE IN A POSITIVE WAY!! and even if I can't." Wasela Rahim - Graphic Designer

"Cavelle combines her sketching lessons with wonderful music and lively conversation. Rather than proving a distraction, this leads to a sense of relaxation and focus as she guides her pupil's awareness along the path towards that final goal which for me was to be able to sketch decently. The experience is enjoyable, uplifting and all together quite brilliant." Dr. David G. S. Reid - Vancouver, Canada

"I just had 3 days of private classes with Cavelle from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and I learned or realized that I don't have to destroy or erase my drawings or paintings, thinking they are not right or good enough. Now that I won't get stuck anymore I can continue drawing regardless of what comes and it's not necessary to control the marks or the exploring - I now realized there are no mistakes." Blake, Grade 12 Student - Victoria, Canada

"Everytime you see Blake you leave an imprint. Thank you Cavelle. Did the "oracle" foresee this kind of success?" Blake's mom Ali, English teacher - Victoria, Canada

"Cavelle consistently teaches the same basic concepts and reinforces them, with endless patience. To know of a concept and to internalize it is two different things. She has caused me to look at what I am doing in a way that will move me forward in my attempt to be a credible novice artist. Thanks, Cavelle." Jean McClure - Victoria, Canada

"Cavelle is insightful with immediate feedback - on point when the students' struggle or reach an impasse.” Mary Lynn, MFA. Artist - Victoria, Canada

“I decided to use my summer vacation time to get back doing landscape after 25 years absent. In this week long Plein Air Course at Government House Gardens I learned to push forward, make mistakes, loosen up and be open to instruction.” Charlotte, Arbitrator - Victoria, Canada

"Cavelle is also a great teacher. She worked with our teenage Daniel for 4 months and took him places in his creative exploration where we never thought he would go. She has a great rapport with Daniel and it's obvious that Cavelle has worked extensively with teens." Louise, Parent - Victoria, Canada

"I started taking art classes to try and rediscover the art, overall beauty in life. After only several hours with Cavelle, my head and heart are already seeing, thinking and feeling all that is art and beauty around." Laurel, U of Victoria Student - Victoria, Canada

"Even as a beginner I felt like I had accomplished something after the first art class. Surprised myself, with Cavelle's help. Cavelle is a good teacher and very knowledgeable and since she is always very encouraging and easy to understand it makes art fun. A fun time!" Lois, Retired Educator - Victoria, Canada

"Miss Cavelle, it has been my utmost pleasure knowing you. Your artistic and extraordinary mind has inspired me to live life as an art. To become successful in life you must draw life out of life and let goodness sketch itself throughout your heart" Hermanette Jean-Noel, Grade 11 Arts Student - Abaco Island, The Bahamas



All participants gain very high practical skills together with deeper insights into their own unique creative voice. This approach offers success experiences to children, teens and adults - all levels of experience, including Portfolio Development. Basic skills are made more accessible when we explore the Foundation of Arts/Design in order to strengthen our visual relationship with the world of three-dimensional form. Here participants are taught the sight-size method of measurement to translate the human form, natural and man-made objects, and the landscape as we work through specific exercises on a step-by-step progression. When each requisite skill is acquired a new more difficult task is assigned using a range of drawing tools, including paint. Basically, we study and translate the 'ever-changing patterns of light or colour'.

More than just a drawing class

Art making can be playful, natural and exciting when we let go the urge to control or predict the process. Participants will draw studies from natural & man-made objects using a variety of drawing materials. To aid in this process art documentaries will be viewed to illustrate art terms and drawing techniques. This workshop is designed for (all levels of ability to work together) and offers a friendly and supportive creative environment that is perfect for the arts exploration.

En plein air

The tradition of 'plein air painting' began with the invention of the metal tube paint container and for the first time artists (the Impressionists) were able to bring materials out of the studio and into the open air. Imagine the freedom and excitement of drawing with paint, out-of-doors. There is nothing more satisfying then discovering the ability to see and simplify, to organize the value patterns, shapes and colours on your paper or canvas. The essence of a successful drawing is to be present in a straightforward manner and Nature is the best teacher. The beauty and peacefulness of the landscape will surely inspire.

Life Drawings - Portraits - Drawing from a Model

Feel, See and Draw the Human Face. Participants will explore the human body and the standard human head using a wide-variety of drawing materials including paint and a variety of drawing surfaces. This course is designed for (all levels of ability to work together) and offers a supportive creative environment that's perfect for the exploration.

Drawing/Painting (Advanced) - Suited to participants who have a good command of drawing with multi-media from observation - knowledge of art terms. Decide what you want to explore and begin a series of studies using multi-media.

Anything Under The Sun is Beautiful

It Is The Seeing That Makes It So.